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Trebarwith Hotel

Twice the Comfort, Twice the Value, Twice the Hotel.

Welcome to Trebarwith Hotel

The Trebarwith Hotel, Newquay is a ‘secret oasis’ in the heart of Newquay, Cornwall’s premier coastal resort.

Fitness Center

We have designed a fitness centre with world-class amenities that can match your varying range of requirements.

Reception with Concierge Assistance

Now get assistance 24/7 when you are here with us. We have a reception that can provide all the support that you need.

Games Centre with Snooker and Air Hockey

A perfect game centre that can cure your boredom. We have a perfect place to get your hockey passion quenched.

We're Here For You 24/7

The Trebarwith Hotel Newquay has been privately owned and run by the Tarrant family for over 51 years; the 4th generation are now involved!

Warm 32°C Indoor Swimming Pool, 44ft x 16ft
Secluded Sun Garden and Patios
Wedgwood Restaurant with stunning views
Surf School and Scuba Dive Centre
Luxury 45 seated Retro Movie Cinema
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Our Services

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  • Single Room
  • Free Wifi
  • 30min Head Massage
  • Breakfast
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  • Doubled Room Standard
  • Free Wifi
  • Free Head Massage
  • Breakfast and Lunch
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  • Premier Suite
  • Free Wifi
  • Free Body Massage
  • Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Trebarwith’s Dining Room

The restaurant offers a different 3 course menu every evening of traditional English cuisine and complimentary coffee. An A La Carte Menu with a choice of fresh fish dishes, steaks and salads is also available and the restaurant is open to non residents.

High Quality Work

Our work speaks for itself have a look below at some of our latest and best work yet. We guarantee that you will be impressed.

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Friendly Team

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Financial Analyst
Amy Sanders
Support Techician

A Secret Oasis in the Heart of Newquay

From Our Blog

The Best Attractions in Newquay


There is more to Newquay than just the sandy beaches. Although the coastal city located in the southwest of London is known for its pristine beaches, there is more to the surfing capital of England than just the main attraction. Let’s dive deep and explore what this beautiful city has to offer.

  1. Ahoy Matey

Have you ever wanted to live the Pirate life; sail the seven seas and unearth treasure from sunken ships. Well, Newquay has you covered with one of the best immersive Pirate experiences in the world. The Pirate’s quest is one of the best well put together Pirate experience tours that you’ll ever find; the quest has everything, from special effects to trained artists to a complete intense and fun-filled experience. We all know you have a captain Jack Sparrow inside you, waiting for the right time to shine.

  1. Newquay Zoo

Zoos are usually an attraction to young families and animal enthusiasts, but we urge everyone who visits the coastal city to check out the Newquay Zoo. The zoo is located in the lakeside gardens that host a sub-tropical climate. The zoo is home to over 130 species and is known for winning quite a few awards over the years.

  1. Blue Reef Aquarium

With a strong coastline and marine ecosystem; it is no wonder that Newquay has a beautiful underwater aquarium. The south-western coastline of England is along the Atlantic Ocean and houses some of the most beautiful marine life-forms in the world. Travel underneath the blue lagoon to witness some of these mighty creatures at the Blue Reef Aquarium.

  1. Family Day

If you have a young family and you’re looking to have fun with the kids but also let your child in you have a little fun as well then head on over to the Holywell Bay Fun Park. The park does not have entry charges; so all you gotta do is walk in and not look back. There are a number of attractions to keep you and your kids’ active throughout the day. Besides having fun attractions, the park also has a restaurant and an ice cream shop.

  1. Land Train

There is nothing like exploring the city via a bus tour but Newquay has an Ace up their sleeve, and that is their Land train that runs through the city. The land train is the perfect way to get to know the city better.

3 Safety Tips for Swimming at the Beach


Going to the beach can be one of the best decisions you make. The wind hitting your face and the calm waters hitting your feet; the beach always represents a sense of serenity to everyone. The beach is still a location where things can go horribly wrong, so it is good to take precautions and take necessary steps to deal with things before they get out of hand; this is especially important if you are taking little ones along with you to the beach.

  1. Don’t mix water and Alcohol

Most beaches are filled with pubs and clubs that mix you the perfect drink. And there will be boards on the road asking you not to drink and drive. But it is important for you not to drink and swim. It is really important that you don’t heed to your inner Aquaman and try swimming while drunk; for starters your lack of inhibition and self-control can cause you to drift far away from the shore, making it difficult for people to help you out if the sun begins to set. Another cause of worry is that people find it difficult to perceive depth, which makes it all the riskier as you venture further into the waters.

  1. Cramps Cramps Cramps

There are a number of reasons that people cramp while swimming; one of the major reasons is the amount of food that they had recently. The beach is filled with great places to eat which can push you to eat a heavy meal as soon as you reach; we suggest you go for a swim, build up your appetite and then hit the eateries and not the other way around. Once you start cramping, it can go from being a fun day at the beach to a stressful day at the hospital.

  1. Where are you?

Unless you have a private beach or know a great location that is secluded from the crowds, the beach can quickly become a daunting place filled with countless people. So if you have kids with you, make sure they understand the golden rule of going to the beach. The golden rule of going to the beach is to always be aware of where everyone is. If you have kids, then assign someone to be with them at all times, especially at times when they are going swimming in the waters. If it is the first time on the beach as a young family, then we suggest that you go to the part of the beach that is secured by lifeguards who can help you out, if something goes wrong.

Indoor Tanning and Skin Type

Nearly anybody can enjoy indoor tanning. Nevertheless, you have to know a couple of things about yourself to ensure that you can participate in secure indoor tanning practices with the best tanning lotions along with other tanning products. One of the leading items that you have to know about yourself is actually what the skin type of yours is actually. This can enable you to determine precisely how long to tan, what kinds of sun tanning lotion to use and the way to best protect yourself from the chances which are connected with indoor tanning. You are going to want to work with a specialist at your tanning salon to figure out the actual information about indoor tanning for the skin type of yours though you can figure out several of the fundamentals on your own, so you have a high starting point.

It’s generally agreed that 6 skin types are different in the terminology of tanning. The qualities of those standard skin types are actually as follows:

1. Lightest skin firmness. Individuals with ashen skin which occasionally looks translucent or white almost fall into this particular group. These folks also have light-colored eyes. This particular skin type has difficulty tanning organically and burns quickly. Individuals with this particular skin type need to be extremely cautious when indoor tanning. They need to be more careful to use the appropriate tanning lotion as well as to work with their salon professionals to restrict their sessions appropriately. A few individuals with skin type one will see that indoor tanning is way too much for the skin of theirs and they cannot do it quickly.

2. Light skin firmness. Individuals with this particular skin tone are much like those in the very first category. Nevertheless, they do often tan efficiently with no burning in case they’re cautious in using sun protection and outdoor tanning lotion. These folks benefit tremendously from indoor tanning in which they can quickly make use of the appropriate tanning lotion as well as timing to make a controlled setting which allows for them to tan with no burning. The exposure that is Limited in the tanning bed is suggested as is a gradual build-up of the tan. Individuals with a light skin firmness shouldn’t look for fast results.

3. Light brown skin firmness. Individuals with light brown skin and light brown hair along with eyes will discover that indoor tanning is useful for these people. These individuals typically burn outdoors, but this burn off frequently turns into a tan after the burn fades. Making use of the right tanning lotion, individuals with a light brown skin firmness could safely tan inside, staying away from the burn and having the preferred tan.

4. Light olive skin. Individuals with this particular skin tone are going to get a sunburn in case they’re outside in the sun much too long but will tan very easily. Making use of the right tanning lotion and sun tanning behavior, they can get an excellent tan from tanning inside.

5. Dark brown skin. Individuals with dark brown skin are likely to tan very easily outdoors and can see they see the same outcomes with indoor tanning.

6. skin that is Black. Individuals with what is regarded as to be skin that is black rarely burn and are not as likely to use items to help with tanning. Individuals with this particular skin type are going to tan correctly in an indoor tanning salon. They need to make use of an indoor tanning lotion that hydrate the epidermis to boost the evenness of the tan and enhance the glow behind the tan.

Understanding the skin type of yours is going to help you determine what sort of tanning products are appropriate for you and just how safe indoor tanning could be. Unless you’ve unusually light skin or maybe a few foreign states, indoor tanning must be safe for you in case you follow the correct methods and use the correct products.

History and Trivia of Crayons for Kids

Made of a combination of oil plus charcoal, records of what was most likely the first crayons are discovered in Europe. Afterward, the engine oil was replaced with wax producing sticks which were easier and messy less to manage.

In 1903, Smith and Binney discovered that in case they made several alterations to the crayon they created for marking crates, they can supply a much less messy option to the crayons used in the public facilities of theirs at that moment. Binney & Smith tasked a chemist of the business to have to produce crayons that could be both nontoxic and very easily mass produced. Smith and Binney have been prosperous in the undertaking to produce crayons that might work nicely for school kids, and before long the cousins had been promoting a package of 8 crayons for about a nickel under the trade name of Crayola. The very first package contained the colors white, violet, blue, green, yellow, orange, black and brown. Forty years later there are forty more styles put into the color palette. By the seventies, fluorescent colors have been put into the line in place that brought the number of styles offered as many as seventy-two.

Today, there are around 120 colors of crayons still available. Some glow the dark qualities, a few are scratch and then sniff, some change colors when used on paper, others have glitter mixed with the Crayola crayons wax in such a manner as to enable drawing earned with glitter crayons to glisten in the sunshine. From a parenting viewpoint, the simple wash off the walls system is a systematic breakthrough of extraordinary proportions. You can check out Crayola Experience Reviewed by TCKC to learn why they’re considered the best in the market.

Smith and Binney were two males that cared about the world all around, and in certain they had been interested in doing the facilities of the first twentieth-century safer plus more effective for the kids and teachers of that demographic. Smith and Binney are faced with competition lately from various other makers of crayons. Nevertheless, Smith and Binney hold the story of fulfilling the difficulties of creating tools to embrace and inspire training and imagination.

There are not way too many individuals who can say they have not been raised to use and understand the Crayola crayons. In reality, the Binney & Smith company have mentioned that studies indicate that about ninety-eight % of American consumers identify the company of Crayola crayons. Are you at least one?

Quality Roofers And Roofing Companies

When speaking about roof maintenance, it’s a must to get it frequently, ideally two times a year and particularly after severe storms and heavy rains. This particular action is necessary to have the ability to detect some harm, leaks, along with other necessary repairs which can be achieved instantly so that the problematic component is still restricted and the fixing costs will be lesser.

Calling for an experienced roof contractor might be an effective move for home owners to avoid wasting effort and time. Allow me to share how they are able to assist with your roofing needs:

They help restore leaks.

Any leak will be noticed from the interior of the home, particularly during heavy rains & storms. Allow it to be a practice to continuously look at the wall space, ceilings, as well as the crawl space for just about any water stain and leaks.

When you’ve found some leakages, quickly contact a roofing specialist therefore it could be repaired earlier and also would stay away from turning into a considerably more powerful roofing issue, which may also go even worse regarding structural destroys.

Any leakages, when left unrepaired for quite a while, may raise mildew and molds, which could cause breathing allergies and diseases which could damage the family of yours, particularly in case you’ve children close to the home of yours.

Riverside roofers

They help restore broken shingles.

Damaged or even missing shingles from the top might be a sign that there’s yet another larger problem being found and also addressed. Contact a roofing professional when you see heaps of gray or black specks in gutters & downspouts. Changing weathers can additionally cause the roof of yours to have tears and cracks, or perhaps completely strip from the entire shingle pieces.

They help solve sagging roofs.

Sagging of the roof may either be found inside or even outside. If you notice thing that is such, quickly contact the roof contractor of yours. A sagging roof might suggest another underlying problem which might be because of weakened components (as a result of the quite a while used), flawed system, and also accumulated debris. Immediate action is going to prevent the issue from getting worse, which could mean far more repair material and fees is going to be required.

They help restore the style of the roofs of yours.

Black color or discolored areas on the roof of yours are mainly brought on by fungus or mildew growth. Bad air circulation shaded areas of the roof, and humidity that is high will certainly cause the roof of yours to deteriorate and could result in leaks. The roofing contractor of yours is able to look at the amount of harm, plan out the steps of his on fixing it, and also offer an estimation for the price.

They help correct used gaskets.

A top contractor could easily identify fault points which homeowners or perhaps those not actually well versed with roofing stuff cannot notice. Gaskets close to the chimney and vent stacks are top fault points since the tips of theirs are definitely more exposed compared to the other areas of the top that are flat. These damaged as well as worn gaskets could cause other main roof problems.

They assist replace the roof of yours if needed.

House owners should keep monitor of the roof’s age and also be in a position to map out repairs or maybe top replacement after some period of your time. An ordinary roof lasts for aproximatelly 20 years. Thus, when you’re mindful of your roof’s age, you are able to prepare in advance, and also you will be also protecting the family of yours as well as the purchase of yours.